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Taxi service:
The price of your rickshaw ride depends on the duration and the itinerary of the drive. Rides in the city of Basle can be organised starting from SFR 120.--. Members of IG Velo receive a 10% discount; students receive a 20% discount on the price.

We are happy to answer your questions regarding your planned trip! Please contact us via email or phone and we will be glad to discuss your ideas with you.

Rides can be confirmed via email or phone. You may cancel your booked ride with Rikscha Basel free of charge within three hours before starting time.

Renting the rickshaw:
It is also possible to rent our rickshaws without a driver. We charge a renting fee of CHF 120-- per vehicle for the first 24 hours and CHF 60.--for every following day. You will have to collect and return the vehicles in Gundeldingen or Klybeck respectively. We will give you a short but mandatory introduction into how to drive the rickshaw. You are liable for any damage caused (except damages caused by fair wear and tear) during the time you are renting the rickshaw.